How to Find the Best Used Luxury Car for You

How to Find the Best Used Luxury Car for You

If you dream of owning a luxury car but don’t want to spend the high sticker price of a brand new one, or simply can't fit the purchase price into your budget, a used vehicle might be your best option. Buying a used luxury car can allow you to enjoy all of the bells and whistles of your dream vehicle, at an affordable price. If you are in the market for a used luxury vehicle, it is important for you to know what to look for so you can find the best choice for you. Here are some steps to keep in mind so you can find the best used luxury car to meet your needs.

Consider What You Want and Need

The first step to finding the perfect used luxury car is to consider what you want and need. You will want to think about how much money you can afford to pay, as well as who will be driving the vehicle. Think about the safety features and technology that you want in your car. You should also consider the interior and exterior features that you desire and how you will be using the vehicle. For example, you might determine that you can afford to spend $25,000 on a late-model BMW, Audi, or Mercedes, that has automatic braking and lane keeping assistance features, leather seats and premium sound, with you being the daily driver.

Think About Depreciation

A great benefit of purchasing a used luxury car is that you can avoid some of the depreciation in value that occurs as soon as a new vehicle is drive off the lot. If you take a look at the asking prices of used luxury cars and compare them to the MSRP of the same cars when they were new, you can see how much they can depreciate.

You can then think about the different makes and models that you are considering. Look at how they have historically held their values. Ideally, you should be able to find a great luxury vehicle at a good price when you purchase it; one that will retain much of its value for a long period of time.

Know the Different Makes and Models, And Their Reputations

A related step is knowing the different makes and models and the reputations of each. The best used luxury cars should be known for their reliability and dependability. For example, a well-maintained Audi, Mercedes, or BMW should be able to be driven for hundreds of thousands of miles with the original engine and transmission. Choosing a vehicle that has a reputation for lasting is important; you don't want to pick a car that will constantly be in the shop for repairs.

Narrow Down Your List

Once you have a good idea of the types of vehicles that you are interested in purchasing, you can narrow down your list a little further. Think about the trim packages that you desire and the type of engine that you want in your used luxury car. Think about fuel efficiency and any other features that are important to you.

Read reviews on reputable car sites online. You can check the crash ratings of the vehicles that you are considering on the website of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The more information that you have at your fingertips before you go to a luxury used car dealership, the better your experience as a luxury car owner is likely to be.

Check the Histories of The Vehicles That You Consider

Look at the inventory of vehicles that are available at the dealership you are considering to see if it has vehicles that appear to meet your requirements. This can help to save you time. When you go to the lot, make sure you check the histories of the vehicles that you consider purchasing. Reputable dealerships should provide you with Car History Reports, like AutoCheck or CarFax, so that you can make certain that the vehicles have clean histories and no prior accidents or flood damage.

In addition to the history report, ask to see the vehicles' repair and maintenance records. It is important that the vehicle that you purchase has received regular service. Good vehicle owners will keep meticulous records and take their cars in for regularly scheduled service. This information should be available in the vehicles' documents.

Review an Individual Car and Take It on A Test Drive

Once you identify a specific luxury vehicle that interests you, schedule a time to come in to view it. You should try to schedule an appointment during the daytime so you can check the condition of the vehicle more thoroughly. Look to make certain that the paint is in good condition and check for imperfections or chips. Check the trim, tires, wheels, accessories, and the interior. Make certain that the upholstery is in good condition and that everything works as it should.

Open the hood of the vehicle and take a look at the hoses, battery, and belts. The engine should appear clean, and there should not be any signs of leaks. Test all of the electronic equipment to make certain that they work, including the power seats, sound system, GPS, steering wheel, and other accessories. As you review the vehicle, watch for any musty odors.

Once you have thoroughly checked the car that you are interested in, take it for a test drive. When you do, drive the vehicle in the same way that you would drive it after purchasing it. Engage the cruise control and make certain that it shifts smoothly through the different gears. Try the different suspension settings and check all of the lights. Pay attention to how the vehicle handles, steers, and accelerates. You will want to take it out on the road to test it in a real-world setting. This can help you to make certain that you are getting the most for your money.

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