Advantages of Servicing Your Used Vehicle at Your Dealership

Advantages of Servicing Your Used Vehicle at Your Dealership


One of the biggest issues about maintaining your car is where the best place to take your pre-owned car for regular maintenance service and repairs. There are several ways you can go about servicing your vehicle; one of the manufacturers dealerships, your local independent mechanic, a chain service center such as Pep Boys, or the used car dealership that you purchased the vehicle from.


Are they Trained and Experienced?

If you go to one of the manufacturers dealerships for service there’s no question that the service department mechanics are trained and experienced. Most likely, they would have worked on your exact model car dozens of times, and probably have handled all of the common service and repair issues, even many the uncommon problems too. So, you should be in good hands, but there’s a downside - their charges for parts and labor are usually at the very top of the price charts.


At a local independent mechanic or one of the chain service centers, you’ll normally pay less than at a manufacturers service department, and since many maintenance and repair issues are quite similar among the different brands, there should be no concerns about their ability to work on most makes, except maybe for some of the very upscale models.


If you bought your vehicle at a pre-owned dealership, like Highline Automotive with its own service department, you can  be sure their technicians have experience on your brand and model. The likelihood of them selling a car they are not qualified to service is almost non-existence, especially if they want you to continue using their service department after the sale.


Do They Have the Right Equipment

Servicing a vehicle is not an easy task, and if you do not have the right equipment it is almost impossible to do the job properly. While smaller repair shops may not have the capital to get all the necessary equipment to handle all of the different maintenance and repair needs, such as suspension alignments, they often have arrangements with nearby specialty shops to do those repairs and adjustments for them.


A Dealership Will Work Hard to Keep Your Business

Even though the service departments at your used car dealership probably offers their services to the general public, they have already serviced the vehicle you bought from them and they want to have you as a regular customer for maintenance and repairs. To do so, they may offer discounts, freebies, and other incentives to the customers that purchased a vehicle from them. Remember they are aiming for longevity in the service business so they will do their utmost to preserve a positive reputation and maintain the trust of their customers.


If your newly purchased car is covered by the dealer’s warranty, there’s no question that you should go back to them for any issues that may occur during the warranty period, no matter how minor you might think it is. And you should expect them to take care of it quickly and competently.


Are You Ready to Decide?

No matter which route you take to service your vehicle, following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule, will go a long way in keeping repair costs at a minimum. You will find the service schedule in the back of the owner’s manual, and you can download a copy online if there was no manual with the car. We have the experts ready to help you take charge of essential preventative maintenance, as well as your more complex repair needs, and we will gladly keep track of your service visits and let you know when the next recommended checkup is due.


So, whether you bought your car from us or just need a reliable auto repair center to help you take care of your car, Highline Automotive is your one stop auto repair service center in Philadelphia. If you bought your car from us, we'll help you take care of your car from the first day it hits our showroom. Save time and hassle by bringing your vehicle back to the people who know it best.


Highline Automotive is Philadelphia's premier pre-owned used car dealership, by providing the best selection of late model, low mileage foreign and domestic cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs, all priced below the Instant Market Value (IMV). Our entire team is dedicated to making sure every customer gets the Right Car at the Right Price, with the Right Financing. Every vehicle we sell has been through a 99-Point Certification process and comes with a 5-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and a 30-Day or 1,500-Mile Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty.

We are conveniently located right off I-95 at 4343 Torresdale Ave in Philadelphia, an easy drive from Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Delaware, and South New Jersey.

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